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Parker Excavation offers a variety of site work excavating services to Canton, NY and the surrounding cities. We have been serving the communities with excavation solutions such as foundations, trenching, pond building, and other dirt work services. Parker Excavation has served the north country for over 50 years, developing a reputation of providing quality work, completed with efficiency. Parker Excavation utilizes the latest in excavation machines paired with a tradition of a rock-solid work ethic. No project is too big or too small for our excavation company.

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Site Work Services

The excavating contractors at Parker Excavation have the capability of providing different site work services on each of the projects that we work on. With years of serving some of the largest brands across America, we have the capacity of taking on a wide range of projects, without needing to sacrifice quality in getting the job done right.

Foundation Construction

A properly constructed foundation plays a pivotal role in the structural integrity of the building that will be placed on the land. Parker Excavation uses excavating equipment to help shape the building site for construction, depending on the Excavation-moving needs that are required for the excavation project. We have the ability to shape, move, remove, add, and process soil to prepare the construction site.

The experience that our excavating contractors bring to each project will allow us to strategically configure the topography of the site to meet the required specifications of the project. We will properly stabilize the foundation to ensure the integrity of the building when it is constructed.


If your construction site requires trenching, Parker Excavation offers the experience needed to complete your project while complying with city and state regulations. Trenching might be required in order to shape the land to match the construction regulations of the building that will be constructed on the land. The trenching contractors will review the requirements and code associated with your future building construction to offer professional guidance on trenching of your lot.

Pond Excavation

Parker Excavation can handle all stages of pond excavation and pond construction projects. We have developed state-of-the-art processes and procedures that allow us to streamline the pond excavation process, which saves our clients money, time, and can speed up development. Our pond excavation services are all-encompassing, from clearing the land through filling the pond.

Parker Excavation will be involved through every step of the process, providing you with a one-stop excavation company. Here is our process for pond excavation:

  • Clearing/Shaping land
  • Burning brush
  • Digging the pond
  • building the pond dam
  • Installing an overflow system
  • Filling the pond
  • Performing pond maintenance

Land Clearing

Transform the land of a construction site into a workable foundation with our land clearing solutions. No matter what state the building site is in, the excavation professionals at Parker Excavation can transform your land into a workable site. We offer complete land clearing solutions to get the construction site ready for the next stage of development.

The total land clearing services that we provide include removing trees, stumps, debris, and other obstacles that might be preventing the building site from being worked on. If you prefer to only have selected trees, stumps, or debris removed, we can strategically clear out only designated areas of the lot that will affect the construction phase of the land development. Our land excavators will carefully review the site with you and prepare it for the required construction specifications.

Soil Stabilization

Improve the durability and strength of the soil surrounding your building site with our soil stabilization services. Soil stabilization should be considered before building on a construction site in order to ensure that the foundation of your building will be secure. The excavation experts at Parker Excavation can evaluate your land to determine what soil stabilization technique will be required to improve the integrity of your lot.

Some of the soil stabilization techniques that we can offer are:

  • Soil compaction
  • Soil dewatering
  • Adding cement

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