Septic Excavation

The Parker Excavation team have provided complete septic excavation services to Canton, NY and the surrounding area for over 50 years with unparalleled quality.  By utilizing the latest technology within the septic excavation industry, Parker Excavation is able to provide all of our clients with the peace of mind of smooth service experience.

Septic excavation and septic system installation can be worrisome for most households because you never really think about where your waste goes until your septic system is broken. But thankfully our septic system professionals guarantee the proper installation for proper flow, waste degradation, and drainage. And, when your old septic system breaks down, the Parker Excavation team is here to help with your entire septic excavation process.

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Septic Excavation Services

If you have a septic system that is old or has broken down then you will need to get your septic system excavated in order to repair or replace it.  The septic excavation operators at Parker Excavation have the capabilities to analyze each worksite and create an action plan of what septic excavation services are necessary for each project that we take on.  With over 50 years of excavation experience in a wide variety of excavation projects, you can rest assured that Parker Excavation will provide you with high-quality services.

Septic Tank Inspection

When you begin the process of excavating a septic system, we must first understand what system is currently in place to have a better understanding of the layout of the tank.  Without a thorough septic tank inspection, it increases the chance of unnecessary damage to your yard as well as any nearby wiring, piping, or other materials. The first thing the operators at Parker Excavation do when they begin the process of a septic system excavation is to perform a septic tank inspection to give them a complete understanding of the system.

Soil Testing Services

When you begin the process of installing a septic tank or excavating an old septic system, you must begin with soil testing.  Once the septic tank inspection has determined the current septic system your household uses as well as any recommendations for improvement, the Parker Excavation operators can begin to test the soil.  The soil must be tested to see how well it drains to avoid a pond of sewage appearing in your yard, as well as to give us a better understanding of what to expect during the septic excavation process.

Septic Tank Excavation

Once the septic tank inspection, as well as the soil testing, has been done, the Parker Excavation team will develop a specific action plan in order to safely perform a complete septic excavation.  The depth of the excavation is important in order to utilize gravity to move the flow of waste from the home to the septic tank. As well as accounting for the slope of the septic piping, we also make sure that we dig deep enough to properly cover the septic tank so it won’t be visible.

Septic Tank Installation

Once the septic tank has been completely excavated, the process of installing the new septic system can begin.  There are a variety of different things to consider when it comes to septic tank installation, but the Parker Excavation team has experienced nearly any kind of septic scenario before.  Excavating and installing a new septic system can be a daunting project, but with the expertise of the Parker Excavation team, you can rest assured that will walk you through the entire process and have your septic system back to tip-top shape.

How A Septic Tank System Works

Septic tanks are in a majority of households throughout the United States and they are important for keeping your home and the environment clean.  A septic system works by taking all of the waste that a household creates from toilets, sinks, garbage disposals and funnels it down into a septic tank which is typically buried outside the home.  Inside the septic tank, the waste is separated into solid waste and liquid waste. The liquid waste is brought out through a drainage system, but the solid waste remains in the septic system to further decompose into a smaller form that will have to routinely be pumped out.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what a septic system does, it will give you clarity on what it takes to excavate a septic tank system.

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