Dirt, Sand, & Stone Delivery

Parker excavation is here to supply and deliver all of the supplies that you will need for your projects such as sand, crushed stone, gravel, topsoil, and other materials.  We know how strenuous it can be to get the required amount of excavation supplies delivered to your job site, that is why our trained excavation experts are here to make the whole process as easy as possible.  The Parker Excavation team have been experts in the excavation and excavation materials industry for many years, and we hope to bring our exceptional customer service to you.

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Dirt, Sand, & Stone Available For Delivery

Parker Excavation is able to provide our customers with a variety of different excavation supplies delivered directly to you that are used for both residential and commercial projects.

Sand Delivery Service

Sand can be used for a variety of different projects and worksites.  Sand is necessary for a variety of different services as trenching, septic excavation, soil stabilization, pond excavation, and many more.  You can trust Parker Excavation to provide you with high-quality sand delivered directly to your job site or to your front office. Some of the sand delivery options that Parker Excavation provides:

  • White sand
  • Paver sand
  • Pound sand
  • Concrete sand
  • Sand and gravel
  • Sand and soil
  • Fine sand

Crushed Stone Delivery Service

Crushed stone is one of the most common excavation materials when it comes to residential projects because of its ability to be used in anything from landscaping projects to driveway projects.  Crushed stone is man-made and a majority of its composition is made up of natural stones such as granite and limestone. If you are looking for a crushed stone delivery then you can trust Parker Excavation to provide you with high-quality product directly to your location.

Gravel Delivery Service

Gravel is often used for residential and commercial projects because of its ability to firmly compact and drain water. Parker Excavation’s gravel delivery service is available for both types of projects.  Gravel is commonly used for construction projects, as well as smaller projects such as driveways and general landscaping because of its affordability as well as its usability. A few different types of gravel we are able to delivery are:

  • Crushed gravel
  • Limestone gravel
  • Driveway gravel
  • Landscape gravel
  • Black gravel
  • Fine gravel
  • Drainage gravel
  • Decorative gravel

Topsoil Delivery Service

Topsoil is typically the uppermost six inches of soil which contains the highest concentration of organic soil matter as well as biological activity of all the different layers of soil.  Topsoil can be difficult to receive from a delivery service because it is much more fragile than products like crushed gravel. But Parker Excavation takes extra care with our topsoil deliveries because we know how important it is to keep it in excellent condition.  If you are looking for topsoil to be delivered directly to your project site, Parker Excavation is the delivery service for you.

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