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Driveway Contractors

Parker Excavation is a family-owned and operated excavation company serving Canton, NY and the surrounding areas. We offer a variety of excavation services, including driveway paving solutions for commercial and residential properties. Our team of driveway contractors can provide both asphalt and concrete paving services for your job site. We have experience working on projects of all sizes, so no project is too large or too small.

Parker Excavation’s driveway contractors are very familiar with delivering driveways that are properly built, standing the test of time. Our experts survey the area that you would like the driveway placed and we will present a strategy that encompasses how the grade, soil type, and flow of water at your website might affect your driveway and how we will build a driveway based on those parameters. We perform every step needed to ensure that you have a structurally sound driveway that won’t be washed away, won’t sink, and that is built to last.

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Driveway Paving

Whether you are looking for a concrete, asphalt, stone, or gravel driveway, Parker Excavation can assist you. Our driveway contractors are highly-skilled in designing and implementing new driveways on your site. Parker Excavation has been servicing New York with our driveway paving and gravel solutions for over 50 years, offering nothing but high-quality work and extreme customer satisfaction on each of our projects. Learn more about the different driveway paving options we can assist you with:

Concrete Driveway Paving

Parker Excavation is prepared to provide concrete paving solutions for your driveway. Depending on what your needs and requirements are for your concrete driveway, our paving contractors can help determine what the best concrete option is for your lot. The concrete paving contractors at Parker Excavation are cognitive with tight construction schedules and understand how important meeting all of your budgetary, scheduling and technical requirements really are. 

Asphalt Driveway Paving

It is hard to beat the look of a freshly paved asphalt driveway, but asphalt driveways provide more than just a healthy appearance. Asphalt is a mixture of stones, sand, and liquid asphalt cement to create a durable, strong, and unbreakable appliance for your driveway. These aggregates are heated and delivered to your property to be placed upon a base. Quickly after placing the asphalt, the hot mixture will cool, allowing you to drive on and park your vehicles shortly after the application is applied.

Stone Driveway Paving

Take your home or business curb appeal to the next level with a stone driveway that makes a big impression. Stone pavers used for stone driveway installation provide an elegant appearance for your home or business, before someone even steps foot inside. Parker Excavation offers both stone pavers as well as crushed stone options for your driveway, allowing you to customize the look and feel that matches your home or business the best. 

Stone Pavers

Stone pavers are used to create a fitted stone pattern up your driveway. These stone pavers can be shaped in a variety of different ways and are also available in a few different stone materials such as concrete stones, brick stones, and natural stones. Stone pavers are a great way to truly customize your driveway.

Crushed Stone

Crushed stone is an ideal driveway material for homeowners or businesses seeking an attractive, yet affordable option for their new driveway. With the countless crushed stone options available, it is easy to find a type of crushed stone that suits your specifications or needs. Crushed stone driveways provide quite a few benefits other than a fantastic look such as low maintenance, immediate use after installation, and affordability.

Gravel Driveway Paving

Gravel refers to loose rock or stone that is larger than grains of sand, but smaller than cobble. The mixture that we use for your gravel driveway consists also of compacted rocks, sand, and clay which creates a much more structural surface for your vehicle to drive on. Another advantage of this gravel mixture is that instead of allowing water to pass through it, water will instead shed off of it. 

Gravel driveways are commonly a more affordable option, but require a more regular maintenance scheduled in order to maintain optimal performance of the driveway. Parker Excavation is available to assist you in not only placing your gravel driveway, but also providing regular maintenance.

Driveway Paving Process

Parker Excavation is equipped with the proper tools, equipment, and team to achieve a successful driveway placement for your commercial or residential needs. We are an all-in-one driveway paving company that includes a complete and thorough process of properly installing your driveway. Here is what you can expect when you work with Parker Excavation:

  • Excavation depth and analysis
  • Vegetation removal and clearing from the driveway area
  • Pre-placement marking of where the driveway will be placed
  • Proper concrete or asphalt application
  • Final review of the completed driveway

Driveway Contractor FAQs

How Much Does Paving A Driveway Cost?

It can be difficult to give an exact estimate for how much it would cost to pave your driveway because there are many variables that go into paving a driveway. Driveways can vary in size which makes can make the price vary depending on the size of the driveway. Along with the size of the driveway, you can also use a variety of different materials to construct your driveway. Your driveway can be constructed with concrete, asphalt, stone, gravel, crushed stone, or other materials. Each material will offer a different look but will also change the price of your driveway project.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Pave A Driveway?

Our team will help you understand the importance of having a well-crafted driveway and what material is the best for your home. If you are looking to pave a driveway in a cost-effective way then our team can develop a plan to help design you a driveway of your dreams but also stay within your budget. Certain driveway paving materials such as gravel, asphalt, and low maintenance concrete are cheaper alternatives compared to materials such as stone, brick, or decorated concrete. It is important to find a driveway material that you work well with your home.

How Long Before You Can Drive On A Newly Paved Driveway?

Depending on the material used for your driveway pavement project will vary how long until you can drive on your new driveway. The weather condition will also play a factor in how long it takes for the driveway to settle. We typically recommend that you wait at least 24 hours or 48 hours before driving on your asphalt driveway. If your driveway is paved and created with a different material the time may vary. It is important to talk with our driveway experts to get a better idea of how long your driveway process will take.

Should I Sealcoat My Driveway?

Sealcoating your driveway can be an excellent way to protect your driveway and make it look nearly brand new. We believe that sealcoating can be great for your driveway but it is important to understand when it is good for your driveway to seal it. We don’t recommend sealcoating your driveway until after it has settled for over six months. A brand new asphalt driveway requires up to six months to settle and for the oil within the asphalt to clear up. It is also important to make sure you sealcoat your driveway when it isn’t supposed to rain as this can damage the sealcoating process.

How Is A Driveway Prepared For Paving?

Depending on what type of driveway you are planning on creating the preparing process can be slightly different. The process typically begins with speaking with one of our driveway contractors about your goals for your driveway. After we have decided what type of project is being created and what material your driveway will be paved with we start removing the current surface of your driveway. After the old driveway has been stripped we will lay a solid foundation for your new driveway surface to rest on. Then begins the actual installation and paving of your new driveway surface. Our professionals will be able to work with a variety of different materials to help create the driveway of your dreams.

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