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Our History

The Parker family of companies has a rich history in the north country started in 1966 by Arlin L. Parker. Arlin began by painting and line striping at residential, commercial and educational locations throughout St. Lawrence County. Since the beginning, Parker has the reputation of providing the highest quality work and customer service and, with that, has been able to grow far beyond where Arlin originally began it. Today, The Parker Companies provide line striping, asphalt, and excavation services to individuals, companies, and property owners throughout the North County and the entire United States. The company prides itself on its ability to leverage national industry expertise with hometown values to deliver top quality service to each and every customer.


With our engineering expertise & deeply knowledgable equipment operators, we are able to perform any site work you may need at your home, business, or property. Whether you need a foundation, trench, pond, or any other dirt work look to us.


Our team is very familiar with how to properly deliver a long lasting driveway or parking area. This work begins with understanding the grade, soil type, and flow of water at the specific site. From there, our expert team is able to determine the proper depth & type of base under the top level of driving surface to ensure the driveway is not washed away by water, does not sink, and is built to last.


Parker Excavation’s operators have worked with septic systems for decades. With this experience comes the ability to follow engineering specifications with precision & offer expert guidance on how best to install or fix a system in the customer’s specific conditions.


Look to Parker to deliver sand, crushed stone, top soil, fill, and other materials for your project.


We are proud to bring our national expertise from decades of working with America’s largest companies to every job we complete in the North Country. Because of our scale, we are able to deliver value and peace of mind to each home owner, business, or property owner we work with locally at a fair price. No matter how large or small the job, we deliver the same award winning solutions with modern technology, family values, and unmatched customer service.